Constituent Engagement Strategies, Tracking & Metrics

Organizations today are seeking to enlarge more constituents in order to generate additional revenue, advocates and volunteers.

Patouillet Consulting works with clients to develop effective strategies to broaden constituent engagement, track this involvement and develop metrics-all leading to increased organizational support.

Through the firm’s Modes of Engagement System(tm), Patouillet Consulting identifies various segments of an organization’s constituent base to facilitate increased giving and volunteerism.

Dan L. Heinlen, President and CEO Emeritus, The Ohio State University Alumni Association “Lee Patouillet is a leader in pragmatic research for the advancement field and possesses excellent on-the-ground application experience.  He understands what works and what doesn’t in our business, making him a first choice among those desiring measurable improvement in their programs.”

Andy Reeher, President, Reeher Group, LLC
“Lee is expert at applying data and information to improve organizational performance. He understands how to get the information he needs. More importantly, he is committed to putting it to work to build better, smarter relationships.”