The Board’s Role in Fundraising

HouseProud, Atlanta

The Georgia Center for Nonprofits (GCN) contracted Patouillet Consulting, LLC to conduct a workshop for the Board of Directors of HouseProud, Atlanta on “The Role of the Board in Resource Development.” HouseProud Atlanta’s mission is “To provide no-cost home repairs to keep low-income senior and/or disabled homeowners warm, safe and dry. We partner with existing community organizations to enable the homeowner to age in place and engage with their neighborhood.”

The workshop provided an overview of the various roles board members play for nonprofits in resource development, especially fundraising. The session included an interactive discussion of the 5 I’s of Development. At the conclusion of the session, each board member developed their own action plan outlining what role they would be willing to play in the organization’s fundraising moving forward. This approach allowed board members to focus on their areas of strength within the fundraising process and to stay within their comfort zones. Each board member shared their plan, and these efforts are already generating additional resources for the organization.

Lisa Jones, Executive Director, HouseProud, Atlanta
“Dr. Patouillet recently completed a workshop for our small nonprofit around resource development and fundraising. His ideas were fresh and innovative, and re-energized our already hardworking board. He helped us to look at resource development from a new perspective, and allowed board and staff to begin charting a new path. I highly recommend the services of Patouillet Consulting, LLC.”