University Advancement Review and Benchmarking Study

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

In an effort to evaluate the effectiveness of the advancement division in the context of national best practices and 25 peer institutions, University President Dr. E. Joseph Savoie hired Patouillet Consulting, LLC to conduct a comprehensive review. The audit included an extensive examination of background materials, more than 45 interviews with key stakeholders, and the development of a university advancement assessment instrument featuring 90 questions. The assessment instrument was sent to 25 peer institutions, survey results were compiled and evaluated and a complete report with a series of detailed recommendations was provided to the university.

Dr. Lee Patouillet served as the lead consultant on the project.

Dr. E. Joseph Savoie, President, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
“When the University of Louisiana at Lafayette was seeking a consultant to conduct a comprehensive review of our University Advancement division, we wanted someone knowledgeable in the various advancement disciplines who had an extensive network of practitioners to call on and a professional record of accomplishment. Lee Patouillet surpassed our expectations and delivered a thorough report in a flexible and affordable manner. Patouillet Consulting provided an excellent return on investment for our project.”

Contact: Liz Landry