Winter Issue 2016

Winter 2016

New Year—New Opportunities

Preparing for Opportunities through

Patouillet Consulting’s Career Management Services for Higher Education Professionals


By Susan Stewart, Senior Communications Consultant 

Patouillet Consulting, LLC (PCLLC)


As we approach the midpoint of the first quarter of 2016, some of us are struggling to keep New Year’s resolutions—so often related to exercise, healthy eating and other crucial pillars of health and well-being. However, among the many things competing for our attention and focus are the economic realities of a volatile stock market, world turmoil, and a changing job market across all arenas, including higher education.


As anyone looking for a job or a job change in higher education might sense, the number of positions in this field has declined in recent years. In addition, it is widely cited that individuals today make an average of twelve job changes in the course of their working years; even more if they change career focus multiple times. Professionals in higher education are increasingly in a job search mode whether voluntarily or not. Many are not ready for the rigorous process.


Dennis Barden, senior partner for the higher-education division at the executive-search firm Witt/Keiffer and Patouillet Consulting Advisory Board member stated, “We definitely see a need for resources to assist higher-education candidates in navigating the employment process. Individuals often ask us for help with interviewing skills and resume review. As a search firm working for hiring institutions, we are not equipped to assist individuals. Affordable outside career resources tailored to the particular industry with a menu of services from which the individual can choose, however, can be very useful in helping candidates prepare to navigate the process more successfully and more thoroughly than they are generally able to do on their own.”


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Consulting Services


Patouillet Consulting, LLC, established in 1983, helps college, and university leaders with their career development needs. The firm also works with educational leaders to assess, strengthen and customize approaches to expand the support from alumni and friends while increasing constituent engagement.


PCLLC serves as a strategic partner in assisting our clients in the following areas:

Patouillet Consulting, LLC enjoys the involvement and support of a global advisory board comprised of industry leaders with more than 500 years of collective experience. Additional information about the firm is available at further information, email Mary Patouillet. e:


Workshops & Seminars

  • The Integration of Alumni and Development in Fundraising and Capital Campaigns
  • The Role of the Board Member in Resource Development
  • The Role of the Alumni Association as a Strategic Partner in Advancing the Institution
  • Key Metrics and Dashboards in Development and Alumni
  • Strategies for Diversifying your Revenue Stream in an Era of Funding Cuts
  • International Alumni Relations (New)



  “Think not of yourself as the architect of your career,

  but as the sculptor. Expect to have to do a lot of hard

  hammering and chiseling and scraping and polishing.”


   Bertie Charles Forbes (1880-1954)

      Founder, Forbes Magazine—1917   






According to The Higher Education Employment Report, existing jobs in higher education declined by more than 21,000 positions during Quarter 3 of 2015 alone. This represents the largest single loss in a quarter since 2007.






       One-Hour Session


PCLLC offers a complimentary

one-hour session to discuss

your career needs and to

explore ways in which we can

help achieve your goals.


The following services are

offered in packages to meet

individual needs/budgets:


*  Executive Coaching

*  Career Counseling

*  Professional Document


*  Workplace Personality Test


*  Interview Preparation/Practice


For more about these services

contact Mary Patouillet:



p: 865-281-5732

Comments from Recent Clients


Ms. Jennifer Gajewski, Chief of Staff, President’s Office, Towson University


Towson University engaged the Patouillet Consulting, LLC (PCLLC) group to conduct a thorough review of our alumni operation and we are very pleased with their work. They took the time to meet with countless stakeholders and developed a very detailed action oriented report. The university will be much better moving forward for collaborating with PCLLC.”


Mr. Keener Fry Jr., Executive Director, University of Wyoming Alumni Association


“When the UW Alumni Association began developing our six-year business plan for future engagement with alumni, we knew we wanted to get it right the first time. That is when we decided to partner with Lee and his team of consultants at Patouillet Consulting. They took time to listen and understand the unique aspects of our culture. With their personalized and customized approach for the University of Wyoming, we completed, and have begun implementing, a comprehensive strategic plan that ensures we provide critical and relevant support and services to alumni, students and the University of Wyoming for the future.”


Mr. Stan Key, Executive Director, University of Kentucky Alumni Association


“The University of Kentucky Alumni Association just celebrated our 150th anniversary and we wanted to engage a firm to help us in developing a strategic plan to chart the course for the foreseeable future. We had worked with Patouillet Consulting, LLC in the past and we knew they would help us with this challenging task. Our staff and board are very pleased with their work and I would highly recommend them to others looking for strategic planning assistance. They are experts in understanding best practice and being customer focused.”