Developing Alternative Revenue Streams in an Era of Funding Cuts and Emergency Funding Ideas Workshop

Pittsburgh, PA
Patouillet Consulting, LLC

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Creating Effective Development Metrics Workshop

Pittsburgh, PA
Patouillet Consulting, LLC

Contact: Lee Patouillet

Creating a Common Language and Vision about Alumni Metrics among Key Stakeholders

Florida State University
Contact: Scott Atwell

Market Research and Strategic Planning

Georgia State University
Contact: Christina Million

Developing a Comprehensive Engagement and Fundraising Strategy for 240,000 Constituents

Moffitt Cancer Center
Contact: Joe Hice

The Role of the Board in Resource Development

Belle Terrace Health and Wellness Center
Contact: Janice Sherman

Building a More Coordinated and Effective Annual Fund Program Workshop

University of Texas at Dallas
Contact: Aaron Conley

The Role of Leadership in a Campaign

Institution is about to go public with their fundraising effort.

The Integration of Alumni and Development in Fundraising and Capital Campaigns

CASE Conference
Hillsborough Community College
Contact: Adrienne Garcia

The Role of Alumni in Supporting the Institution and Enriching the Lives of Students and Alumni Worldwide

The Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG)
Contact: Judy Taylor