Constituent Engagement Strategies, Tracking & Data Driven Decision Making

As organizations look to broaden their base of support, it is important to consider the 4 I’s – identify, inform, involve and invest. Patouillet works with his clients to develop various engagement strategies resulting in increased support and offers proven strategies on how to track this involvement leading to greater data driven decision making. The firm also assists clients in developing clear metrics and value statements for their organization.

David Macejko, Director of Advancement, Miami University

“Lee offers much for any university or nonprofit entity seeking expanded constituent engagement and deep cultivation of the broader base of supporters. His analysis was and remains contemporary. His communications clear, concise and friendly! Lee is an opportunity at hand and clearly one of the best in the business. I strongly recommend you avail yourself and your organization of Lee Patouillet.”

Andy Reeher, President, Reeher Group, LLC

“Lee is expert at applying data and information to improve organizational performance. He understands how to get the information he needs. More importantly, he is committed to putting it to work to build better, smarter relationships.”