Fall 2011

 Fall, 2011

Tips on Crisis Communications

From “Crisis Communication in the Health Sector” from the book “Health Industry Communication” – Published by Jones and Bartlett Learning 2011 (chapter on crisis communication by Jeff Molter and Richard Puff) 

You don’t wake up every day and expect to be engulfed in a crisis. But no matter what business you are in: higher education, healthcare or drilling oil from the sea, you have to plan for the unexpected.

A crisis has been described as a significant business disruption that gets media coverage. The public scrutiny that follows will affect your organization’s normal operations and could have a political, legal, financial and government impact.

The important issues to remember when faced with a crisis are the following: crises happen, you have to deal with them, your company or institution must deal with them, and you must strive to help recover your institution’s reputation as soon as possible.

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Upcoming Workshop

December 1, 2011

Key Metrics and Dashboards for Success

in Alumni and Development Programs

We live in an era of greater accountability and an increased reliance on metrics. As a participant of this workshop, you will return to campus with specific and actionable ways to enhance your measurement systems.

This workshop will present best practices in metrics and dashboards for alumni and development organizations of all sizes. Are you measuring the things that matter most? This “hands on” workshop will allow participants to discuss your organization in a small group setting, receive onsite feedback and develop a draft set of key metrics and a dashboard. Registration is limited so sign up today!


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That Dirty Little Word

It starts with an F.  No, not that one.  The other one.  The one that is practically unmentionable in nonprofit and philanthropic circles – Failure.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of failure lately.   Working with numerous organizations that are looking for a means to sustainability, the question often arises – if we merge, does that mean we failed?  What if we choose to dissolve?  What does that say about us?

Recently, I worked with a client to explore the potential for a merger.  We researched numerous organizations, and found a prospective partner with mission alignment, financial stability, and a great deal of interest in partnering with my client.  We entered into discussions between the two agencies, and within a few weeks discovered a number of key factors that were prohibitive to the merger.  Discussions were discontinued, and although the client was gratified at having engaged in the exploration and due diligence, the question remained.  Did we fail?

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Featured Workshops

Patouillet Consulting offers the following workshops:

1. The Integration of Alumni and Development in Fundraising and Capital Campaigns
2. The Role of the Board Member in Resource Development
3. Moving from a Good Board to an Exceptional One
4. Key Metrics and Dashboards in Development and Alumni
5. Strategic Planning for Alumni and Development Organizations
6. The Role of Alumni Associations as Strategic Partners in Advancing the Institution
7. Keys to Establishing an Effective Alumni Legislative Relations Program for your College or University
8. Trends in Alumni Relations
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The firm, established in 1983, serves as a strategic partner in assisting our clients in the following areas:

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Upcoming Workshop

Key Metrics and Dashboards in Alumni and Development

Dec. 1, 2011 | Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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