Recently, we asked a number of our clients and other industry leaders to comment on Patouillet Consulting, LLC.  We appreciate their thoughts and look forward to serving your needs.

Ms. Cathy Sweet, Vice President, Institutional Advancement, University of Maryland University College (UMUC)

“Looking for consultants who have experience with advancement operations in large, on-line institutions can be a challenge. Dr. Patouillet’s consulting model allowed him, through his impressive advisory board, to gain the insight, knowledge and expertise needed to assist us. Spending a great deal of time understanding the culture of the institution and its unique position in higher education, he and his colleague produced an impressive final report which I have already used extensively with staff and university leadership including the Board.”

Dr. E. Joseph Savoie, President, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

When the University of Louisiana at Lafayette was seeking a consultant to conduct a comprehensive review of our University Advancement division, we wanted someone knowledgeable in the various advancement disciplines who had an extensive network of practitioners to call on and a professional record of accomplishment.  Lee Patouillet surpassed our expectations and delivered a thorough report in a flexible and affordable manner.  Patouillet Consulting provided an excellent return on investment for our project.”

Mr. Scott A. Rabenold, Vice Chancellor, Development and Alumni Affairs, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

“We had incredibly high expectations when we engaged Patouillet Consulting to review our alumni office. However, Lee and his team far exceeded our ambitious expectations with their professionalism, preparedness, and presentation. It was well worth the investment to contract with Patouillet Consulting and we look forward to implementing their recommendations.”

Eva T. Blum, Chair, University of Pittsburgh Board of Trustees

“As co-chair of the largest capital campaign in the school’s history (two billion dollars), I worked closely with Lee to engage alumni in this effort.  We knew that alumni giving would be critical to the success of the campaign.  Lee directed the thinking and the development of a strategy to integrate the alumni association into the capital campaign.  There were many innovative ideas adopted that continue to enhance the campaign.”

Judy Taylor, Former Director of Resource Development, Technical College System of Georgia

“The two-year sector of higher education is the point of access to post-secondary education for millions of Americans.  Today, as a sector, we serve the majority of the nation’s undergraduates, including many who are low-income and first generation students; students of color or students who are underprepared for college level courses.  Our challenge as fundraisers has never been more important – for our students and for our nation.  Patouillet Consulting has provided expert advice, counsel and training for 25 colleges in the Technical College System of Georgia.  As a result, we are better prepared to support students, faculty, staff and programs throughout the state.”

John B. Carter, Jr.  Former President and COO, The Georgia Tech Foundation, Inc.

“Lee and I have been colleagues and friends for almost 30  years and I have been impressed with his professionalism in both the advancement and nonprofit field. His background is unique because he is not only an accomplished professional in alumni relations, fund raising and nonprofit management but has proven himself to be a well respected professor in academia.  He brings great credentials to the table as a consultant and has a broad range of experiences that serve him well as he meets his clients’ challenges in the consulting world.”

Frances Hesselbein, President and CEO, Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute (Formerly known as the Peter Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management) and Recipient, Presidential Medal of Freedom

“Dr. Lee Patouillet is an outstanding leader and a trusted colleague. We have worked together for more than 15 years on a number of initiatives and found him to be an effective catalyst for positive organizational change. Lee and Patouillet Consulting have my highest recommendation. He is a leader of the future.”

Cindy Cheatham, Vice President, Georgia Center for Nonprofits

Dr. Lee Patouillet is a real student of how effective fundraising works. Despite his 35+ years of experience, he’s always learning and advancing himself. His expertise on successful models and strategies for fundraising and other related areas affecting fundraising success is quite impressive. And Lee’s ability to convey strategies and tactics is effective and engaging, making learning fun.”

Mariann Geyer, Vice President for External Affairs, Point Park University

When I needed someone to step in to evaluate the University’s growing Alumni Relations department and the Alumni Board activities, Lee was the perfect partner.  He thoughtfully stepped in with the right amount of proven expertise to benchmark the operation as well as act as a mentor to the Alumni Relations staff and Alumni board.  The University not only received a complete report but I received the peace of mind I needed that helped guide future decisions.  Everyone needs a Lee Patouillet in their contact list.”

Dan L. Heinlen, President and CEO Emeritus, The Ohio State University Alumni Association

“Lee Patouillet is a leader in pragmatic research for the advancement field and possesses excellent on-the-ground application experience.  He understands what works and what doesn’t in our business, making him a first choice among those desiring measurable improvement in their programs.”

Keith E. Brant, Ph.D., Vice President of Advancement, University of California, Santa Cruz

I have known Lee for over 25 years and consider him to be one of the outstanding leaders in Advancement today.  I had the opportunity to evaluate his shop at the University of Pittsburgh a number of  years ago when I was at UCLA and found a highly effective organization, strongly aligned with campus colleagues and institutional priorities.  His approach and analysis will help you think more strategically about your work.”

Patricia Telles-Irvin, Ph.D. , Vice President for Student Affairs, Northwestern University

Dr. Patouillet has impressed me on several levels in addition to his professionalism. He has a strategic mind that helps him see the big picture and understand how each piece fits in a large organization.  Dr. Patouillet not only has read most of what has been written on leadership, he puts it into action on a daily basis. He understands the importance of having a sound organization to effectuate any change and to reach the vision.  Dr. Patouillet has the understanding that cultivating strong relationships with enrolled students is what makes them future active members of the alumni association. His approach is consistently intended to contribute to the betterment of the institution.”

Philip J. Super, Managing Partner, Roedel/Super (Past President, Collegiate Insturance Resources)

What Lee Patouillet brings to the table is a wealth of experience across all sectors of advancement.  He has the ability to first listen, learn, and understand the various and competing perspectives within your organization.  He then analyzes, prioritizes, and presents the appropriate initiatives and solutions that best fit the needs of your institution.  His methods are collaborative and engaging.  You’ll be energized about the challenges you face after a stint with Patouillet Consulting.”

 Michele Nota, Executive Director, University of Rhode Island Alumni Association

I have known Lee for over 10 years and consider him a leader in our profession.  He is a trusted colleague and his passion for the field is contagious.  He is a dynamic presenter and has the ability to actively engage staff and alumni volunteers.   His services were truly helpful and I highly recommend Lee and the services that Patouillet Consulting can provide.”

Sue Stone, Member, The Hope Center Board of Directors

I just wanted to thank you for the valuable insight you gave us in making our Strategic Plan.  I know that we will now be more targeted in our approach and therefore get more positive results.  Thank you so much for your time and your insight.  We really appreciate you!”

Andy Reeher, President, Reeher Group, LLC

Lee is expert at applying data and information to improve organizational performance. He understands how to get the information he needs. More importantly, he is committed to putting it to work to build better, smarter relationships.”

Roger L. Williams, D. Ed., Former Executive Director, Penn State Alumni Association

“I have known Lee Patouillet for many years and I have a high regard for his intellect, creativity, executive acumen, drive and energy, and commitment to generating results in everything he undertakes. I give him my highest recommendation. Lee is the best in the business.”